Tribent Digest part 1 – In the Beginning there was Oslofjord triatlon

As the world learns to know the force of Norwegian triathlon by the immense impact the members from Oslofjord triatlon has on the international triathlon scene, there has been a steady growth of visitors on this blog from people that are not fluent in the Norwegian tongue.

And maybe some of you visitors have read about Norseman
Xtreme Triathlon in Triathlete Magazine and then you perhaps sought information on some of the girls in the top five: Marit Svenning Berg and Adeleid Haugen, found out that they of course was members of Oslofjord triatlon? How you proceeded I don’t know, but you obviously ended up here in your quest for the truth and what you have done here so far I do not know.

It might be that good writing is universal and trancends language barriers, in the same way as good music do (for instance Clutch, AC/DC and the Datsuns). But I doubt that you have grasped it all.

So I know that the world hunger for news and information on Oslofjord triatlon and that you so far have collectively scratched your head in a heroic, but futile effort to understand what’s on this blog. On demand and as a Public Service Triathlon Channel (PSTC) for those not under Norwegian sovereignty, I might possibly spread the good news in English. While the blog is updated 3-5 days a week in Norwegian, and read by 10-15 people a day (including my self several times a day) the rest of the world will get their share every other week. Or in other words, when I feel like. But since you have waited so long without complaining, you’re used to the waiting, and for all I know you might even love the waiting.

There will off course be more of everything about everything in a little while, but I’ll conclude this Tribent Digest part 1 with the fact that Oslofjord triatlon with over 120 members is by far Norway’s largest triathlon club. There’s a couple of others in Norway. There are for instance Royal Sport, but as the name tells you they’re for the Royal family and their kin, with the tragic result that the club has little potential for growth, even though the king himself reigned in the Norwegian Triathlon Federation for many years.

Over blown egos is a part of triathlon so the reason for this Tribent Digest part 1, might just
as well be shameless self grandization or to have another reason to publish a picture of one of my daughters in our team jersey, or my beloved Guru TriLite. But you’re smart, so you have figured out that already.

So stay tuned. Or even better: Get your ass off the couch and down to nearest community centre for their course in “basic Norwegian”. And we can skip this "Tribent Digest" ...thing.

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Goldie sa...

Hi, hi,
Now I really can understand what norwegian Tri is all about. Thank you TribentGuru.

When is Mette Marit going to race for Royal ? Do you know ?

Ole Richard sa...

beatuiful, Bob!

I guess youre one of the guys sitting in Boo Radleys apple tree...

or could it be that we finally found Boo?

anywho: Nice:)