I heard it through the.....

This site has its sources deep inside the steering committee of Norway’s largest and by far most important triathlon club. Oslofjord triatlon. There have earlier on been some frictions between this mastodon of a club and the small and week Norwegian Triathlon Association. It seems that these evil days are over and everything is peachy in tri-land.

This is the news, stop the press: Rumours has it that the second most important Norwegian triathlon competition, Seigmann triathlon will be arranged as a National Long Distance Championship for the next three years. How do you like that?

Remember folks. You heard it here first! On the Hush! Hush! On the QT!

How is your course in Norwegian going? Any progress?

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Jørgen sa...


Siden du er i hjørnet for avsløringer, kommer her en liten meddelelse med samme fokus.

IKKE ferdig.


tribent sa...

Så bra! Det var raskt levert